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Liquidia utilizes a proprietary PRINT Technology platform.
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Liquidia’s initial focus has been in the area of vaccines, a market that is poised to reach nearly $100 billion by 2023. Liquidia is specifically addressing the shortcomings of current vaccine product technologies that have plagued the pharmaceutical industry for decades; including an inability to optimally balance safety and efficacy, while maintaining affordability.

Engineered Particulate Systems
By delivering vaccine antigen with a simple dissolvable particle, Liquidia can increase vaccine effectiveness and use less antigen without an additional adjuvant. Liquidia has also shown the potential to enhance immune response by simply controlling the size and shape of the particles. Further, Liquidia’s flexible design parameters enable the development of vaccines with multiple adjuvants, antigens, and presentation strategies tailored to the specific challenge. Preclinical studies of PRINT particles demonstrate compatibility with multiple antigens and adjuvants to enhance the desired immune response. An initial phase 1/2a clinical trial in influenza demonstrated the cGMP compliance and safety of these PRINT particles. Next generation design strategies that include adjuvants can maximize immune response, while minimizing side effects, enabling a new generation of particulate vaccines.

Virtual Conjugate Vaccines
Conjugate polysaccharide vaccines have made significant improvements in public health by providing effective protection against several bacterial diseases. These products, however, rely on chemically bonding polysaccharide antigens to a carrier protein through complex conjugation chemistry. The complexity and inefficiency of this approach limits strain coverage and global availability. Because of the unique features of the PRINT platform, Liquidia can use particle-based
design strategies to bring together the polysaccharide and carrier protein without traditional conjugation, opening up novel product opportunities for a variety of bacterial diseases. Liquidia is currently working with a partner to develop a low-cost virtual conjugate vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae, a leading cause of pneumonia-related deaths.

Nucleic Acid Vaccines
Nucleic acid vaccines deliver small amounts of DNA or RNA designed to produce only the portion of the pathogen needed to trigger a protective immune response. Experimental vaccines have shown this approach to be highly effective for generating cellular and antibody responses, but have relied on modified viruses or other biological agents for delivery. PRINT particles tailored to protect and deliver the delicate biological cargo provide a platform for potent, low dose, safe vaccines against a wide variety of diseases. This broadly applicable, high volume, and cell-free platform has the opportunity to fundamentally transform vaccine development.

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