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Because the development of breakthrough products requires a broad array of expertise and resources across the healthcare spectrum, the formation of strategic partnerships is an important component of Liquidia’s short and
long-term plans.

To accelerate Liquidia Engineered Drug Therapies™ into the clinic and ultimately into the marketplace, Liquidia has partnered with pharmaceutical industry leaders to combine their research and development capabilities with Liquidia’s novel particle design and delivery technology.

Similarly, Liquidia has established partnerships with other industry leaders for the development and commercialization of non-therapeutic healthcare products.

To further understand the role of particle size, shape, and composition on biodistribution and bioavailability, Liquidia has also partnered with researchers at a variety of academic institutions to explore these fundamental research questions. Liquidia’s collaboration with the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill is particularly innovative and important to the development of the PRINT technology. Click here to learn more about the Liquidia-UNC partnership.

Current Publicly Disclosed Partnerships

Liquidia Announces Product Development Collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline

To learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact

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