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Over the next decade, nanotechnology has the potential to influence virtually every aspect of our lives, including our energy, food, water, buildings, and medicines. However, in order to realize this broad potential - robust, cost-effective, regulatory-friendly manufacturing technologies will be required. Through its novel technology platform and expansive intellectual property, Liquidia is poised to be a leader in the development of nanotechnology-based healthcare products and a catalyst for the growth anticipated across this industry.

By leveraging fabrication techniques from the semiconductor industry, Liquidia has the ability to rapidly design and manufacture precisely engineered particles of virtually any size, shape, or composition. This unique ability to precisely engineer particles enables scientists to explore new product frontiers that, until now, have otherwise been out of reach. Using the company’s proprietary PRINT® Platform, Liquidia is creating precisely engineered vaccines and inhaled therapeutics that address critical unmet patient needs. Strong partnerships with GSK and other partners are key elements of Liquidia’s strategy for developing and commercializing products around the world. To learn more about the PRINT technology, click here.

In 2013, Liquidia formed a new company based on promising preclinical work with ophthalmology related therapies. The newly formed ophthalmology company, named Envisia Therapeutics, is currently focused on areas of ocular disease with significant unmet medical needs such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, where modes of administration and patient compliance can be a barrier to care. For more information about Envisia Therapeutics, please visit

Then in 2014, Liquidia formed LQ3 Pharma, a new company focused on leveraging the PRINT technology to research and develop novel therapies for a variety of oral health conditions. For more information about LQ3 Pharma, please visit

Liquidia was founded based on technology licensed from the DeSimone research group at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (UNC). Dr. DeSimone is a prolific scientist and entrepreneur, the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions including the prestigious Lemelson-MIT Prize for inventors, the 2009 NIH Director's Pioneer Award and is credited with over 100 issued patents and nearly 300 published articles.

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