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Liquidia utilizes a proprietary PRINT Technology platform.
Product Platform

Inhaled Therapeutics
Oral Health
Other Programs
Other Programs:

Nanotechnology-based products in consumer markets are already growing at a staggering pace with well over a 1000 products on the market today, compared with a little more than 50 products in 2005. With growth of nearly 500 percent over the last five years, health and beauty is the largest and fastest growing category of nanotechnology-based consumer products.

This acceptance of the application of nanotechnology in everyday products foreshadows what is also expected in the life sciences, including medicine, devices, and diagnostics. The ability to successfully achieve or exceed this rapid growth is dependent on the development of manufacturing and particle engineering platforms that can rapidly produce safe, effective and cost-effective products. Liquidia's PRINT technology offers that opportunity.

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Inhaled Delivery
Engineering particles of precise size and shape to enable targeted, efficient delivery of powders to the central airways or the deep lung.

Engineering particle morphology and chemistry in order to achieve highly targeted and efficient delivery to tumors.

Ophthalmic Delivery
Engineering monodisperse particles and inserts for controlled release of drugs in the eye.

Dermatologic Delivery
Engineering monodisperse, precisely sized and shaped particles that deposit preferentially on the surface of the skin, as well as developing PRINT-enabled microneedles for more precise transdermal delivery.

siRNA Delivery
Engineering particles of specific chemistries and shapes to protect nucleic acids for efficient delivery to targeted tissues and cellular compartments.

Engineering monodisperse, chemically tunable beads for more efficient sample preparation, amplification and multiplexing.

Enhanced Oral Bioavailability
Engineering particle size to improve bioavailability of orally administrated medicines that are limited by their
dissolution rate.

CNS Delivery
Engineering particle morphology to achieve efficient nose-to-brain delivery, as well asparticles that can target and transit the blood brain barrier.

Long Circulating Proteins
Engineering stable particles for controlled release of biologic therapies.

High Concentration Antibodies
Developing unique PRINT particle formulations designed to achieve high concentration, low viscosity subcutaneous formulations.

Consumer Products
Engineering PRINT particle designs that maximize surface deposition and/or binding of multiple agents or substrates.

Animal Health
Leverage engineered PRINT particles to develop safer, more effective vaccines for companion and production animals.

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