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Career Development & Training

We recognize as Liquidia grows, additional career opportunities will exist for current and new employees across our company. Part of what makes us successful as a company is ensuring our people are set up to transition into roles of increasing responsibility.

For new employees, Liquidia offers a comprehensive on-boarding process, orienting our newest members of the team to the company, technology, people and culture.

For existing employees, career development is a critical component of building a great team at Liquidia. The company has a formal process based on an internally developed Career Pathway Framework to accelerate employee growth in both technical and managerial career paths. This process starts with goal-setting and is supported and assessed through feedback and performance reviews. It does not stop there. Career development is the responsibility of both employees and managers, who work together to ensure professional growth, development and impact within the company.

"Working at Liquidia has provided me with many opportunities for both scientific and career growth. The culture here promotes a team-based approach to solving multi-faceted challenges and allows scientists to greatly expand their technical skill sets across a broad range of disciplines. The company is also committed to professional development and offers a variety of formal training programs to promote career transition skills."
- Meredith, PhD, Scientist

As the company continues to grow, we have also evolved a training agenda focused on both technical and non-technical skills that build great scientists and leaders. Examples of some of our formal and informal training programs are listed below.

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